Today’s Quote (3/14/12)

It’s ok to feel devoid sometimes, it just means there is something in your life you need to remedy. Think of the self as a work of masterpiece where no strokes are wasted, there are no such things as waste. Every stroke leads to the finish project. The more you work on it, the clearer the finish project comes in to view. ~ Unknown

Artwork by Andrew Salgado


5 thoughts on “Today’s Quote (3/14/12)

  1. CJ, beautiful artwork and quote… quite enjoy your blog; I also share in your kale fetish. It is quite an alluring green. Hope all is well and will continue to stop by. -Will I.

    • I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am just starting in on this whole blogging thing but what appeals to me in life a lot is the visual landscape/moments we all live in.
      Please continue to check back in. One I get on my feet I might start adding some music…like your amazing piano performance piece!!! Hope all is well with you. When I get back in town in June we should get together before you head off to NYC!!!! (So excited for you!)

      • I’d love to see you over the summer. And you should most definitely come to NYC this year… my dorm will be very clean… and comfy… I hope!

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