Changes…a blog facelift!

Hello all!

I decided to change the appearances around my blog a bit today. Since I started this journey two weeks ago, I didn’t quite know what I wanted my blog to feel like…be about…focus on. While my blog will always seem like a random mix of things to some, there are some aspects of life I do like to focus on…food, healthy living, music, moving photos and words. I wanted my blog appearance to reflect where I have taken the blog and where I want it to go (future, past, present kind of thing). I needed something lighter and cleaner. I went back and fixed up (mini-facials) some old posts as well to fit in with the new theme. I haven’t changed everything I want to yet but this was the major step and the rest of the changes will be minor.I hope that you all like the changes and to new comers I hope you enjoyed your visit to my little slice of life.




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