Today’s Quote (3/25/12) with music by Ray LaMontagne

All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it.

~Jean Cocteau

Instead of using a new artist to reflect something from the quote I thought I would use the subject matter of today’s quote. All the songs from the Work Soundtrack post were from the Pandora Ray LaMontagne station, and I realized I didn’t even include one song by the man who inspired the playlist. He is one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters and a frequent go-to. His unique and raspy voice always draws me in and never ceases to move me. If you have never heard him, I hope this will be the beginning of a new love affair and for those who already know his amazingness just enjoy another dose!

Let it Be Me – someone described this song as a “slow-dancing-barefoot-in-the-kitchen” king of song…I couldn’t have said it better


A special treat… To Love Somebody…with Damien Rice


I love hearing people’s reactions to music…thoughts?


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