Morning Mango…with a twist.

Along with cherry blossoms, movies, and shopping, my weekend was filled with a satisfying grocery store visit to Whole Foods. While it can be a little outside of what I like to normally spend, I reserve visits to Whole Foods for when I need good, eco-friendly meat. Whenever I am there though I always get tempted by the tantalizing produce that just calls…BUY ME! EAT ME! and then I always do. One purchase this weekend on my Whole Foods adventure was a carton of mangoes. So this morning, I made breakfast of fruit champions…mangoes, clementines, apples, and bananas (oh and popcorn…I still had some left over from the movies last night *smiles*). Which brings us to my story about mango.

Ever do something or eat something that you thought was completely normal only to look up and notice the abject looks of horror on people’s faces watching you? Enter in: Mango…Filipino style. Ever since I was little, mango was a staple fruit at my house. It was one of my favorite fruits, and my love for it grew when I actually visited the Philippines (so amazing fresh!) and also Costa Rica (the best mango ice cream smoothies I have ever tasted!). Filipinos like to eat mango in all forms. The unripe form is often eaten with salt, fish sauce, chili sauce or soy sauce. The variety my family liked to eat was mango with Silver Swan soy sauce. Why I clarify the type of soy sauce is because Filipino soy sauce tastes vastly different than the varieties one eats with sushi. Ingredients in Filipino soy sauce are a combination of soy beans, wheat, caramel, and salt. It is thinner and saltier than many of its Asian soy sauce counterparts and is a staple in much of Filipino cuisine. I never thought it was odd to eat mangoes dipped in soy sauce…until college of all time. One night during a normal night of friends, food and games, I sliced up a couple under-ripe mangoes and served them with soy sauce to my friends. I still laugh at the looks on their faces when I progressed to dip the mango into the soy sauce and bring it to my mouth. Needless to say, some people enjoyed this twist on mango and others did not. I am certainly enjoying my mango with a twist this morning. Yum!


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