Today’s Quote (4/19/12)

To parallel my previous post (Paul McCartney’s music video “My Valentine” featuring Natalie Portman)…

“My Dishonest Heart”

The visual is sorely undervalued in modern scholarship. Art history has attained only a fraction of the conceptual sophistication of literary criticism. Drunk with self-love, criticism has hugely overestimated the centrality of language to western culture. It has failed to see the electrifying sign language of images.

~ Camille Paglia

“Silent Stories”

Artwork by Audrey Kawasaki


2 thoughts on “Today’s Quote (4/19/12)

  1. art wow! I love the art as usual! I love your posts just to see what awesome art you will find next 🙂 Pinned! Cheers.

    • Thanks!! 🙂 It is amazing how much words and art can move us. I like to throw in a little of both! Glad you enjoy! Thanks for the pin!

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