Monsoon season…at least for me ;)

HA was foreshadowed in a precious post…my computer gave up the good fight and completely died. The hard drive is dead…lots of error messages and an inability to turn my computer on. As someone told me…when it rains it pours. Well I guess it is monsoon season for me right now haha. Trying to see what can be recovered from my laptop as well as tying to keep a positive attitude. While I had many files backed up…I hadn’t done so in awhile. So my lesson to pass on today…back up your computers my friends! You never know when technological disaster may hit. I should have known…most technology and I have short term affairs where they don’t last more than two years around me at max *sigh* Oh well. I have a roof over my head and great friends surrounding me right now so…life isn’t too bad. Just frustrating. Needless to say my blogging may not be very steady until I get a new computer. I will see how much I can do with my Kindle Fire. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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