About Me

I am a vagabond medical student who is inspired by people, my family, the places I stumble upon, great food, books, music and really anything that moves me in life. I have bounced around from Ohio to Boston to New Orleans to Suriname to Kansas City to NOLA again and back up to the east coast to Washington DC…with some other small adventures along the way…and hopefully more to come.  I hope to share some tasty and interesting tidbits as I bounce along my way.

“Give me eyes to see; give me hands to heal. Let me hear the cries of those in pain. Let me speak the words of comfort and strength. Fill me with compassion and wisdom true, and when I lay weary, fill me with strength anew. In Your footsteps I walk, with Your love always, to do Your blessed work and praise You day by day. Give me eyes to see; give me hands to heal.”
– The Prayer for Osteopathy


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