Cooking Soundtrack

I woke up early this morning and was inspired to cook. I wandered down to the kitchen…the magnolia tree in the back yard is in full bloom so when I opened the back door let some fresh air into the house, I was immediately met with the sweet fragrance from our tree. It was a relaxing morning…I took my time slowly preparing everything (getting great pictures for the future posts to the blog!) and simply enjoying taking a morning off to cook. The luxury of working at home was truly experienced this morning. Trying to be mindful of my roommates, I put on one of my more “quiet”/”mellow” Pandora stations. At some point, the sound of a trumpet caught my attention, and I realized that Louis Armstrong’s version of “La Vie en Rose” was playing, and a smile played across my face. I couldn’t help myself…I just started dancing around the kitchen as I was preparing to bake my apple streusel. My little dog Tanner (a very quirky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) was very surprised by the outburst and started body wagging (a term I like to use when he gets so excited his whole body “wags” instead of just his tail). I realized that we looked like we were both dancing together. It brought another smile to my face. So, to celebrate the small moments of joy in life … I thought I would share the song…one of my favorites. The video is a performance in Belgium in 1959. I simply have grown up in the wrong era *smiles*


Tanner enjoying the Magnolia tree out back today: