Today’s Quote (4/20/12)


This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.

~ Danny Kaye

Street Artwork done by David Walker

David Walker Interview done by “Street Artist London”


Life crashes…blog pauses

Hello all!

Sometimes life is a whirlwind that picks you up and spits you out someplace you didn’t expect to be. This can be a good thing, but has the potential to be a bad thing. On my way down to South Carolina to meet my family for my few days off this Easter weekend, my notoriously bad luck struck again. Due to some unfortunate circumstances that involve food poisoning…my phone dropping into a toilet…having no GPS, camera, way of contacting people…and subsequently a loss of all my photos for the time being…I have to take a pause from blogging for this upcoming week. Internet is spotty, and as luck would have it I forgot my computer (with all my recipes and corresponding pictures) back in Washington DC (I am using the hotel’s “guest” computer right now). Instead of dwelling on all the negative that is raining down, I am simply going to take this time of not having a phone and horrible access to internet as a challenge to enjoy a reprieve from technology. I hope that this little adventure will prove fruitful, and I will come back with some new ideas, posts, and pictures! Happy Easter Everyone! See you on the flip side 😉

Today’s Quote (3/14/12)


It’s ok to feel devoid sometimes, it just means there is something in your life you need to remedy. Think of the self as a work of masterpiece where no strokes are wasted, there are no such things as waste. Every stroke leads to the finish project. The more you work on it, the clearer the finish project comes in to view. ~ Unknown

Artwork by Andrew Salgado